Jobookit develops game changing concepts and dynamic technologies to optimize and ultimately simplify the world of online recruitment. Jobookit's mission is to channel its vast amount of HR 'know-how', transforming it into innovative products that deliver resolution to the online recruiting market environment. The company has dedicated years to develop several core technologies. These technologies are being used in several products for different market segments and audiences.

Jobookit's tools set to support today's world of hiring:

  • ExactMe - The most advanced, easy-to-use and cost effective end-to-end application for online recruitment. ExactMe is the first search engine to place job seekers in the spotlight. Positions simply do not exist In ExactMe's recruitment universe, recruiters are the hunters and jobseekers are being hunted.

  • POP CV- Innovative enterprise CV center. Filtering system that assesses, ranks and matches resumes that are sent to the employer.

  • SkilliQ- The most technologically advanced, fully customizable job board