ExactMe.com redefines the essence of online recruitment by offering a far more efficient, user-friendly and cost-effective placement process.
ExactMe.com - the world's first search engine where skillful people are in the spotlight, and positions simply do not exist. In ExactMe's recruitment universe, recruiters are the hunters and jobseekers are actively hunted.
ExactMe.com is the first search engine that broke the boundaries of its own domain and offer matched results from a variety of sources:
ExactMe.com jobseekers
Affiliate websites using the ExactMe.com API & Widget.
Since the market pain is twofold, ExactMe.com offers jobseekers a single point of contact. Instead of having an account with numerous Job Boards, ExactMe.com offers jobseekers the opportunity to craft their own site - a fully customizable "professional fan page" where they can present their skills, professional experience and specialties, alongside social, personal, or any other type of information they wish to share about themselves.
Job Seekers will go through a quick and friendly registration, by the end of which they will instantly become hunted.
Instead of going through endless piles of CVs, recruiters get perfectly matched search results (Jobseekers) from all ends of the World Wide Web. Semantic understanding, matching algorithm, Facebook integration, and multilingual infrastructure, are only some of ExactMe.com core technologies that allow it to present employers with nothing but the most relevant candidates. They can act as recruiters, search for jobseekers by submitting brief or elaborate search queries, and get only the most suitable and appropriate applicants.


PopCV is a unique service that efficiently helps you to find the most relevant job seekers. PopCV automatically scans your mailbox, finds CVs received from jobseekers, and pairs them intelligently, dynamically analyzing the probability of a good match to your job opening – the way you defined it, the way you need it.

The result is a list of the most relevant jobseekers, complete with their relevancy rate. PopCV promotes a more efficient recruiting process that will turn potential candidates into promising employees.
With PopCV you can build a CV Repository – “CloudCV”. Just imagine all the CVs you’ve ever received at the click of a button.
In short, PopCV increases your recruitment productivity, helps you respond to the most relevant jobseekers in real time and ultimately finds the best candidates for your organization.

SkilliQ™ is a revolutionary web-based recruitment application that corresponds with up-to-date web behavior of jobhunters and recruiters. Responding to the dynamics of job hunting and vacancy staffing in the current, technologically-advanced, internet-driven era, SkillIQ™ yields more opportunities, with utmost relevancy, everywhere around the world and in any language. SkillIQ™ is a multi-layered technological solution that is provided both on a designated website as well as in a SaaS mode – as a “white-label” product on the client’s website. In both instances, SkillIQ™ allows recruiters to specify their needs and enables jobhunters to accurately define their professional DNA with a unique, state-of-the-art Profiler. SkillIQ™ uses advanced search and matching features that mashes mounds of free-text information into structured data, which serves for accurate matching between recruiters and jobhunters. SkillIQ™ therefore revolutionizes online recruitment, turning it into a streamlined process that is based on assessable and measurable data – rather than an uneducated guess.
SkillIQ™ includes a special feature for assessing the aptitude and skill-set of computer programmers – a TC award winning tool, named Assessment Center. Nevertheless, SkillIQ™ works for all professional occupations, and applies to all positions, in all industries.