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  • Your perfect match!

    With the "self learning" capability we ensure a match for your request. If you are looking for a job or looking for your best match talent we can ensure you get EXACTLY! what you are looking for.

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  • The new era!

    Jobookit develops game changing concepts and dynamic technologies to optimize and ultimately simplify the world of online recruitment.
    We at Jobookit envision a world where every job is open to every talent and everyone is part of the world "Talent's book" and exposed to all possible opportunity. We have invested years of research and development into being able to match the perfect talent to your dream job. 

    We know that at any given time there is a company looking for someone like you and there is a candidate that perfectly matches your needs.

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  • Recruiting made easy

    The "Traditional Market Offering"

    While conservative staffing and placement agencies are turning into market niche players, new Job Boards are emerging on a monthly basis. The Internet has become the preferred recruitment and job seeking environment.                
    Very few changes can be monitored when comparing between job boards. Popular Job Boards offer recruiters to prepay for posting their wanted add, and get candidate CV's directed to their e-mail. Recruiters are used to comply with the business model set by Job Boards and usually conduct their online recruitment process over several popular Job Boards in their region.
    Jobseekers are asked to sign up, create a profile and upload their CV. Since applicant registration is usually free, jobseekers create a profile on multiple Job Boards to increase their placement odds.
    Market research indicates that both recruiters and jobseekers experience difficulties and vote general dissatisfaction from existing online solutions.
    Jobseekers cannot afford narrowing their options and will therefore create an account with multiple Job Boards, within each of which they are asked to define their professional characteristics, upload a CV, and basically apply for each position they find relevant or interesting. They 'shoot' their CV at any position they find relevant. 

    The aforementioned process places the average jobseeker with multiple accounts over multiple websites, without a real ability to follow their activity, monitor performance and effectiveness, and eventually turning job seeking into a long, complicated, and inefficient process.
    The recruiter's pain is far more intense.  Recruiters are asked to pay in advance for nothing more than online 'real estate' used for posting wanted ads. Much like the jobseeker, the recruiter will not settle with a single source and therefore posts their wanted ads over multiple job boards.  The result is a lot of 'CV Spam' and a smaller portion of relevant applicants. Once again, the process is slow, inefficient, exhausting and, more importantly, results in massive costs for the recruiter. This fact conflicts with the core elements of the Internet: efficient, instant and low cost. 

    Jobookit - the new offering! 
    At Jobookit we will take you a huge step forward, we created the world's "Talent book" where every talent can join and be part of this new success, we will present you to the world of recruiters at your best and we will create the perfect match between the employer to you.

    It is fast, it is easy and it is free and in one registration you have the entire world searching for you.
    Automatic CV understanding, perfect talent rating and the fastest recruitment process in the most valuable price.

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  • Your dream job is just a click away!

    In this challenging economic reality, nothing is more frustrating than the fruitless search for a job that yields zilch true opportunities. The good news is that your dream job is out there. You still have a chance if you take action now.

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  • Online recruitment that actually works

    Rather than sorting through piles of resumes and interviewing ill-fitting candidates, SkillIQ™ streamlines the hiring process. The application's advanced searching and matching features yield the most suitable candidates for any type of opening – low-tech, hi-tech or non-tech – in any type of company, any industry and any occupation.

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We finally launched ExactMe! in Argentina and what an amazing success it was, the feedbacks, the traffic and the excitement exceeded all expectations


This is a great tool. I have been looking for something simple and fast like this for a long time... Productive from day one.

Linda M. Hawkins - Baltimore, MD

PopCv is The BEST solution for corporate recruitment, period. Well built, well designed, and maintenance free.

Antje Bauer – Waldkraiburg, Germany


From now on, recruiters will be able to explore and contact 'passive talents' alongside those who seek actively



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Serial Entrepreneur Arik Filstein Launches ExactME! in Latin America


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